FDRC was created to be a temporary financial support to families in need.

The cost of medical supplies, insurance and copays are very expensive and many families find themselves dealing with unexpected financial crisis at some point. We currently offer grants to families to support these costs. With your donation, you will help us provide medical supplies for up to a full year and will assist families in providing better care for their children. The cost for a pump and one year of medical supplies can cost anywhere from 15k – 18k a year for families uninsured. For a family that has insurance, an insulin pump alone can still cost up to $3000 out of pocket. Supplies and insurance ranges anywhere from 250 – 500 a month. Medicaid does not pay for insulin pumps and many families either do not have insurance or if they do, have a high deductible. Our purpose for this project is to help as many families as we can.

FDRC is a 501c3 non profit so your donation is tax deductible. Your charitable gifts help many families ensure their children’s physical, emotional and mental well being, because yes, Diabetes does effect more than just the physical bodies. A family that thrives together… stays healthy together.

You can donate below through PayPal, or through our Facebook page. You can also donate through https://smile.amazon.com/ by logging into your Amazon account. Any time you make a purchase through Amazon, part of your purchase will go to FDRC. Select a charity should be an option. Search Family Diabetes Resource Center of Texas. All donations to the Family Diabetes Resource Center of Texas are tax-deductible.

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Family Diabetes Resource Center – Family Diabetes Resource Center

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Type 1 Teen isn't hearing you?

Sweet 16 is a documentary that tells gives the spotlight to other Tye 1 teens around the world. This film has been shown in 4 film festivals, and has is now translated into 5 languages.

11 months ago

11 months ago

Thank you to everyone who is donating during this time of crisis. We appreciate your help in helping us assist other families. Please stay safe and remember to socially distance yourself from others, ... See more